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Our Background

Dale Evans is a passionate teacher with many years of experience in both primary and secondary schooling.  Dale is actively involved in school leadership and believes that in order for learning to happen, it is key that the student is engaged and comfortable in their surroundings.  He places an emphasis on developing strong relationships with his students and recognises that everyone learns differently.

Andrew Godson is a fully qualified teacher who has worked one-on-one with a diverse range of students across Australia for the past 3 years. Andrew values individuality, imaginative learning and a strengths based approach. 

He is passionate about building confidence within students, and enjoys facilitating unique sessions which promote growth. Andrew has over a decade of teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools across Victoria. 

Dale and Andrew have been great mates for over 12 years and are excited to be working together on this partnership. Both Dale and Andrew are practicing teachers with valid qualifications and Working With Children's Checks.

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